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Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -

Driver CPC Module 6 Training

This module deals with the loading the vehicle, license D and E. We will be looking at the forces affecting your vehicle, and the effects of harsh braking on your vehicle and also on your passengers. We will look at the various types of gearboxes that can be used in large vehicles and we will give a breakdown of the basic operation and purpose of these gearboxes.

CPC module 6 is for The Professional Bus Driver.
Upon successful completion of the day long course candidates will be awarded a Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence. This Module is to be completed in the 5th year of the Drivers CPC cycle and is for Professional Bus Drivers .
(Note. if you are a professional Bus and Truck Driver you must complete both Modules in the 5th year.)
Driver CPC is a Certificate in Professional Competence for professional bus and truck drivers. Its purpose is to set and maintain high standards of safety and driving among drivers of trucks and buses across Europe.

Who Driver CPC affects?

Driver CPC affects all bus and truck drivers who hold a relevant full licence from the 10th of September 2008 and the 10th of September 2009 respectively. If you drive a bus professionally (i.e drive and get paid for it) you will need to undertake Driver CPC training. This applies to all professional bus drivers whether they are full time or part time and whether they drive on public or private roads.
Drivers must complete 1 module per year in order to drive professionally.
(it is not necessary to complete more than 1 module per year)

Session 1. Ensuring passenger comfort and safety

Session 2. Loading the vehicle

Session 3. Preventing criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants

Session 4. The regulations governing the carriage of passengers

Session 5. The economic environment of the carriage of passengers by road and the organisation of the market

On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a ASL Certificate of attendance . Their details will also be uploaded to the Road Safety Authority Driver CPC register.
As per RSA Regulations drivers must 35 hours of periodic training over the next five years. Training is on a one-day-per-year basis