ASL Safety & Training

Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -

Load Security Training

Course Aim:

This Training provides information and guidance to transport operators, drivers, loading staff and key stakeholders who are involved in loading on vehicles.

Course Objectives:

To raise the awareness of the basic safety principles that must be followed, and to conduct proper risk assessment for the types of cargo transported.

Course Content:

  • Safe Loading Guidelines.
  • Main Accident Risks
  • Load Area Access
  • Delivery Plans
  • Safe Loading,Load shifting, Injuries, Lashings, Unsafe loading , Good Securing
  • Commandments of Safe Loading
  • Responsibility and  Management for  Operation personnel
  • Headboards, Anchorage Points, Stanchions, Stacking, Placement
  • Risk Assessment, Importance of Risk Assessment
  • Written Assessment
  • Practical Session

Course Attendance:

Maximum of 10 participants.


1 day duration.