ASL Safety & Training

Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -

MEWP (Mobile Elevated Working Platform)

Format: 1 day
Number of participants: Up to 6
Certification: ASL SAFETY/RTITB  Certification


This one day course provides safety training and assessment to ensure candidates can safely operate MEWPs in line with regulations. This course includes both boom and scissor lift.


MEWPs are now widely used in the workplace. They are replacing traditional methods such as ladders and scaffolding for moving goods or operating at heights - including window cleaning to warehousing.
Operators must learn the safety precautions required and the various safe use of the MEWP itself. They must be able to identify and address the hazards of operating MEWPs in different environments.
The common use of MEWPs in a variety of workplaces clearly indicates the need for training in the safe use of MEWPs.

Course Content:


  • Duties of operator
  • Pre- Shift inspections & maintenance of machine
  • Hazards associated when operating the MEWP
  • Practical:
  • Inspections before use
  • Candidates must demonstrate safe operation and control of MEWP
  • Travel & maneuvering of MEWP
  • Working the MEWP at heights
  • Emergency procedures in case of MEWP malfunction
  • Wearing of correct PPE
  • Recognition of approved hand signals

Participants must bring the following on the day of training:

  • Passport Photo
  • Current Safe Pass
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Evidence or Proof of experience (Over six months) i.e. Letter from employer

Participants must be aged 18 years or over