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Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -

Forklift Conversion Training

HSA guidance outlines that drivers trained on one type of truck require conversion training if they are to operate a different type of truck. This course is designed to equip an operator with a valid operators certificate on a particular type of forklift (e.g. Counterbalance or Reach), with the skills necessary to drive the alternative truck.
On completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • Operate the lift truck safely, reducing the risk of injury to operators and pedestrians
  • Use safe operating habits
  • Explain the differences between types of lift truck
  • Load and unload safely
  • Handle awkward loads
  • Elementary driving
  • Explanation, demonstration and guided practice in the correct procedures to adopt when operating the fork lift truck
  • Checking the truck
  • Correct operating procedures
  • Safe working loads
  • Practical competence testing

Who should attend?

Drivers with certificates for one truck type i.e. counterbalance or reach, who are now required to operate the other type (whichever is applicable)

Pre-course Requirements:

All participants attending this course must forward a copy of their current valid Forklift Operators Certificate to ASL Safety & Training with booking form.

Participants complete a theoretical and practical exam.
On successful completion of the exam participants are awarded a Forklift Operators Conversion Certificate.

**Certificates are valid for three years and must be refreshed before that time is up**