ASL Safety & Training

Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -


This training course is designed for personnel who are required to inspect record and use life jackets during the normal course of their work.

On completion of this training course, candidates will have an understanding of the inspection, record keeping, operation and use of life jackets. Candidates will gain a full and complete knowledge of life Jacket usage, including the correct method of inspecting, maintaining and recording their action.

Course Content
  • Introduction, aims and objectives
  • The application of MindSafety
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Understanding the need to use life jackets
  • Types and specifications of Life jackets and buoyancy aids
  • Life jackets – Component parts, inspection and methods of inflation
  • Manual Re-arming and replacement CO2 cylinders
  • Frequency of inspection and record keeping
  • Methods of inspection and action in the event of defect
  • Wearing and adjustment of the life jacket
  • Methods of inflation (Automatic and Manual)
  • Additional safety features including grab hoops and whistle
  • Storage and cleaning requirements
  • Summary discussions
  • Course documentation and closure