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Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -


Our  GWO FIRST AID REFRESHER gives you the skills needed for this task. To view available dates for the GWO FIRST AID REFRESHER  and book online, please visit our course calendar here at

What you will do while here with us for this course For 1 Day.


Our GWO First Aid Refresher  will refresh the skills and knowledge previously acquired from attending an initial GWO First Aid course and revalidates your GWO certification on WINDA.

Our course is designed to enable participants to continue work in a safe manner and meet emergency response requirements in accordance with the GWO Basic Safety Training Refresher standard.

Participants completing GWO First Aid 1 Day  Refresher training will be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of

The psychological effects of first aid for a first aider

Sudden sickness and environmental factors.

Different Types of trauma

Incident management and situational awareness

Managing and administering first aid during complex incidents with multiple casualties

The course involves a combination of practical, simulated  and theoretical training.

A GWO First Aid Refresher training course includes;

Law and guidelines, global and regional

Risk assessment and accident reporting

Anatomy, structure, functions and symptoms

Use of first aid principles in emergency situations

Serious and minor illness, injuries and incidents, Incident Managment

Safety procedures, Psychological first aid ,Updating and refreshing correct use of first aid equipment, knowledge and skills in a series of first aid medical emergency scenarios.

Requirements:To attend you must register or have registered  for a personal WINDA profile before arriving for the course

Be over 18, physically and medically fit.

We will register your training with on WINDA.