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Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -


Our GWO BST FIRE SAFETY AWARENESS HALF DAY  gives you the chance to ENHANCE  your  skills  for this task. To view available dates for the GWO BST Fire Safety Awareness and book online, please visit our course calendar here at

What you will do while here with us for this course.


GWO Fire Awareness provides the knowledge, skills and confidence to appropriately respond in the event of a fire emergency or the wind industry work environment. Participants will learn the proper use of personal protective equipment, emergency equipment and emergency procedures common to the wind industry.

This training comprises of experience of a realistic wind turbine environment, live fire training using a range of  fire appliances and equipment to combat a fire and evacuate to a safe environment from a smoke filled environment.

Our GWO Fire Awareness training course includes knowledge and skills:

to prevent fire and conduct initial and appropriate judgement when evaluating a fire

to manage evacuation of personnel to ensure all are safely evacuated and accounted for in the event of an unmanageable fire

if it is judged to be safe, to efficiently extinguish an initial fire by using basic handheld firefighting equipment.

Following the course Participants will be able to;

Demonstrate knowledge of the causes, development and spread of fire in wind turbines and the related dangers.

Demonstrate knowledge of the contingency plans, including smoke detection and emergency escape procedures.

Demonstrate correct actions upon discovering a fire including raising alarms and correct use of firefighting equipment in a wind turbine environment..


To attend you ust register or have registered  for a personal WINDA profile before arriving for the course

Be over 18, physically and medically fit.

We will register your training with on WINDA.