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Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -


Our GWO MANUAL HANDLING  HALF DAY  gives you the chance to ENHANCE  your  skills  for this task. To view available dates for the GWO MANUAL HANDLING and book online, please visit our course calendar here at
What you will do while here with us for this course.

GWO Manual Handling provides the basic safety training required to carry out manual handling tasks in a safe way.The training encourages positive manual handling behaviour in the wind industry.
The training is designed to enable participants to work in a safe manner and meet requirements in accordance with GWO Basic Safety Training.

A GWO Manual Handling training course includes;
Understanding Manual Handling, relevant legislation, standards & guidance
Incident and injury reporting
Spinal and shoulder anatomy and injuries associated with Manual Handling
Risk assessments and control measures
Planning of operations to reduce Manual Handling
Safe manual handling techniques
Participants will be able to;
Identify aspects of their tasks that could increase a worker’s risk of developing Musculo/skeletal injuries.
Demonstrate correct manual handling techniques in a simulated environment and a problem solving approach to Manual Handling in a wind turbine environment.
Understand the risks involved in not using correct manual handling techniques

The course involves a combination of practical and theoretical training.
To attend you ust register or have registered  for a personal WINDA profile before arriving for the course
Be over 18, physically and medically fit.
We will register your training with on WINDA.