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Compliance Auditing for Covid-19

Whether your planning to reopen your business or already have,

The consultancy team at ASL safety & training are on standby to undertake a Covid-19 compliance audit of your workplace to make sure your organisation meets the requirements of the guidelines and regulations related to covid-19 to ensure the continued  health and safety of your staff and clients.

Compliance audit breakdown

As part of the auditing process a complete review of the current Covid-19 safety measures/procedures you have in place will be undertaken, as well as a review of your company safety statement and related documentation. We will also inspect your workplace to identify possible risks and hazards related to Covid-19 and its spread, the onsite inspection can be virtual or in person. The completed audit will then be returned to you. It will outline the changes needed to ensure your workplace is safe and compliant in relation to Covid-19...

Our consultancy team can be reached at 01 5312455/040233505



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