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Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -

Personal Survival Techniques STCW

This course is part of the compulsory basic training for all persons working at sea. The learners attending this course will gain the skill knowledge and attitude to survive at sea. Each learner will have a clearer understanding of the safety equipment required on a vessel under current regulations. On completion of the course Participants will have gained the practical knowledge needed for sea survival.


This course has been split into two distinct sections. The morning session is classroom based, in this session we look at the theory of sea survival.

In the afternoon session we move the pool to put into practice what we have learned. In this session each learner will be expected to carry out a number of drills including, the correct use and proper entry of a life raft and the correct deployment of safety equipment.



Course content


  •     Sea survival an introduction
  •     Emergency situations
  •     Evacuations
  •     Personal life-saving appliance
  •     Sea Survival craft
  •     Rescue boats
  •     Survival at sea
  •     Radio equipment use in emergencies
  •     (EPIRBs) & (SARTs)
  •     Helicopter assistance



Course Duration: 1 Day


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