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Service Outlines - ASL Safety and Training

Service Outlines - ASL Safety and Training

Safety File

ASL Safety and Training has a vast amount of experience compiling Safety Files primarily for projects that we already have worked on as Safety Coordinators and PSDP.


On completion and handover stage the PSCS must provide all as-built and technical documentation associated
with the project to the PSDP for compilation of the Safety File.

Typical contents of a safety file would include:

Description of the project and list of all Specialists and Contractors that worked on the project.
Particulars of the equipment and maintenance instructions
Manuals for plant and equipment installed e.g. boilers, lifts etc.
Construction as-built drawings.
Bill of quantities.
Plans detailing location of services and fire detection and fire fighting equipment.

The owner of the Building must keep the Safety File in safe location and file
can be added too after refurbishments or additions to the building in future projects