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Service Outlines - ASL Safety and Training

Service Outlines - ASL Safety and Training

Site Inductions

The site induction is the workers introduction to the worksite.
Whether the worker may be new to the construction industry or have many years experience,
every site is different whether it is size, shape, hazards or main contractor rules.

The purpose of the site induction is to provide the worker with information on the site prior to commencing work e.g. welfare facilities, contractor rules,
emergency preparedness measures, site specific hazards, principal supervisor for construction stage (PSCS) rules, names and details of supervisors, safety representatives,
first aiders or other responsible persons in emergencies.

The site induction will also help ensure compliance with consruction regs.
the site induction will bring site safety rules to the attention of the contractor's employees and any rules applicable to them contained in the safety and health plan.