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Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -

Lantra PA 6 Hand Held Applicator

PA 6 Hand Held Applicator

This is a one-day practical pesticides training course which is workshop based and specifically working with a knapsack sprayer. The training will focus on safe practice, routine maintenance and calibration of the knapsack. Maximum of 6 per course.

Participants should be physically fit and agile with no history of epilepsy, etc.

Participants can use own Personal Protective Equipment or we can provide it if required

Course objectives:

Participants will learn the following skills

Preparing a hand-held pesticide applicator for use

Calibrating it by means of an approved procedure and operating it to ensure correct application rate without risk to themselves, others or the environment

Use the information detailed on product labels to determine the approved uses for the product and its potential hazards to human safety, non-target areas and the environment in general.

Performing routine maintenance on a hand held pesticide applicator

Carrying out the correct procedure for cleaning personal protective equipment and application equipment that may have been contaminated with pesticide.


Course duration is dependent on experience: 1-2 Days.