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Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -

Lantra Boom sprayer PA2

Course Details:

Pesticides are very widely and successfully used in land-based industries, but they can be potentially harmful substances, therefore it is essential that they are handled, applied and stored correctly, therefore making training essential.

Our assessment course in Boom Sprayer; Hydraulic Nozzle, has experienced instructors who will guide you through the appropriate and safe use of the Boom sprayer.

Who is it for?

Our Boom Sprayer Hydraulic Nozzle course is for anyone who uses vehicle mounted / trailer boom spraying equipment (hydraulic nozzle) as part of their work.
If you would like to attend this course you must be able to proficiently use, and drive the particular vehicle(s) used during the training, you also should have attended the Safe Use of Pesticides course.
This course will run for two days if you are a beginner, and one day if you have previous spraying experience.

What will you get from the course:

  • Identify and describe how vehicle mounted spraying equipment works
  • Prepare and set up vehicle mounted / trailed spraying machines
  • Identify and describe how a spraying machine works
  • Choose and use the correct nozzles for any application
  • Set and calibrate the machine for a given application
  • Fill vehicle mounted spraying equipment safely
  • Clean and decontaminate all the equipment safely
  • Service the machine
  • Operate a spraying machine safely and effectively.


Course sessions:


  • Basics of spray application
  • The working principles of a hydraulic sprayer
  • Preparation of machinery for work
  • Calibration in practice
  • Mixing and filling/essential PPE
  • Field work
  • Sprayer decontamination and disposal of washings and machine storage


 Duration: 1 Day