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Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -

Forklift Reach Refresher Training

The Reach Forklift Training Course teaches the candidates the exact level that they need to be at to safely operate the forklift to RTITB standard.

This course is 1 day course designed as an approved Refresher Course for previously Certified Operators. The course covers the key operating elements and safety practices in line with the Code of Practice. It concludes with an approved Practical Test and Certification.
This course is delivered by RTITB registered Instructors.
It is recommended that the refresher course is taken every 2 to 3 years.

Course Details:

Classroom presentation on multimedia, supplemented by videos, and flipchart discussions throughout the course.
Practical demonstrations and applications using the forklift.
Course handouts, training records, evaluation forms are also provided and used.

Course Requirements: Copy of existing forklift ticket will be required.

Assessment & Certification:

Certificates are awarded to successful participants and are valid for 3 years. All of our instructors are trained & registered by the RTITB (Road Transport Industrial Training Board).
Introduction to the course
Course structure  Instruction/assessment detail
Standards and requirements

Theoretical instruction:

  • Code of Practice - Operator responsibilities
  • Operators' safety code
  • Causes/prevention of accidents
  • Forktruck capacity/stability

Practical Instruction:

  • Controls and safety features
  • Daily inspection and preventive maintenance
  • Steering/turning/reversing
  • Maneuvering in confined areas
  • The hydraulic system
  • Pallet pick and place procedure
  • Stacking/de-stacking - racking  all levels
  • Battery care and charging procedure
  • Vehicle loading and unloading procedure
  • Safe parking

Supervised trainee practice:

  • Trainee practice
  • Corrective instruction

Competence testing:

  • Practical
  • Theory
  • Individual feedback/results

On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive an RTITB approved certificate and license.
Forklift Training should be updated every three years.