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Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -

Forklift Counterbalance Refresher Training

Regular refresher training is recommended to keep Fork Lift Truck operators safe and to sharpen operator techniques. HSA guidance on forklift trucks states that operators should undergo refresher training to keep them from developing bad habits, or if and when their work practices change. This course is suitable for experienced operators who require a refresher course.

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • List key features of relevant legislation
  • Display sharpened operating skills
  • Rectify bad habits
  • Reinforce safe practice
  • Safety appreciation and legislation
  • Video on safe fork lift operation
  • Operator safety
  • Operating practice
  • Daily inspection
  • Engineering principles
  • Written test (questionaire)
  • Practical competence

Who should attend?

Certified Drivers who have had adequate basic training should consider attendance at this course. They should have previously been certified but now require their skills to be updated, due to long intervals of time between operating lift trucks, or changes in work practices have occurred, or there is evidence of deterioration in operating performance.
All participants attending this course must forward a copy of their current certificate to ASL Safety  with booking form.

Pre-course Requirements

Valid Forklift Operators Certificate


Participants complete a theoretical and practical exam.
On successful completion of the exam participants are awarded a Forklift Operators Refresher Certificate/NORS/RTITB Certification

**Certificates are valid for three years and must be refreshed before that time is up**