ASL Safety & Training

Course Outlines -

Course Outlines -

Quarries Skills Certification Scheme Experienced Operators

One-day Training and Assessment

Aim of the course:

To allow experienced plant operators to gain certification, by demonstrating their skills and knowledge with the Machines.
On achievement, successful candidates will be QSCS Operator registration card and a QQI5 Certificate.
QSCS provides certification that recognizes skills and competencies of Quarry Plant occupations.
On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a QQI5 Quarrying 360 Excavator Operations Certificate.
Quarry Safety Training should be updated every two years.

Course Content:

MODULE 1 - Introduction to Health & Safety Law & Safe Systems of Work

Reasons for safe systems of work.
Types of work control documents.
Risk Assessments.
Safety Representatives.
HSA Inspectors.
Protection of the environment

MODULE 2 - Workplace Safety

Safe Access & Egress.
Control of Access & Security.
Vehicle access, speed limits & authorization.
Emergency Procedures.
Workplace & Work Equip Regs.
Electricity & Machinery.
DSE Regulations.
Safety Signs.


MODULE 3 - Fire Precautions & Procedures

Principles of combustion, fire triangle & classes of fire.
Types of fire extinguishers: Use & limitations.
Fire prevention measures.
Chalwyn valves & Spark arr esters for vehicles.
Precautions when carrying out electrical & welding work.
Fire warning systems & evacuation procedures.
Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regs .

MODULE 4 - Accident & First Aid Procedures

Accident Procedures.
Accident Reporting.
Investigating & Recording.
Accident Prevention.
Hazard Awareness.
First Aid Procedures.
Reporting ill health or medical condition

MODULE 5 - Hazardous Substances

Hazardous Substances, data sheets & product labels.
Duties of Employers & Employees under COSHH Regs.
Health & Hygiene.

MODULE 6 - Manual Handling

Statistics and manual handling  related injuries in the workplace.
Main causes of back injury.
Manual Handling Regs.
Recommended max weights.
Assessment of individual capabilities.
Team Lifting.
Correct methods of manual lifting & moving.
Manual handling assessments & the use of lifting aids.

MODULE 7 - Noise at Work

Sources of industrial noise.
Nature & causes of hearing loss within industry.
Noise assessment & measurement.
Protective measurers  engineering & personal.
Types of hearing protection their uses & limitations.

MODULE 8 - Health and Safety Management Relating to Quarry Operations

Section 1

Management of Health and Safety  Responsibilities.
Vehicle safety.
Danger areas.

MODULE 8 - Health and Safety Management Relating to Quarry Operations

Section 2

Hazardous Operations
Occupational health risks & personal protective equipment..
Environmental protection.

MODULE 9 - Working with Cranes and Heavy Equipment

Thorough examination requirements of PUWER & LOLER & certification of
personnel & equipment.
Dangers of overhead power cables.
Signaling Authorized Personnel.
Hazards associated with lifting & lowering slung loads.
Hazards of working with fork lift trucks.
General precautions around mobile plant.

MODULE 10 - Safe Working  Excavations and Confined Spaces

Control of hazards.
Timbering / shoring and inspections.
Safe use of ladders.
Safety protection around excavations.
Location of underground services.
Hazards of